Monday, June 2, 2008

(Monetary) Tipping

(Just in case you thought I was going to talk about cow tipping or any other kind of tipping that doesn't occur in a restaurant.)

Daniel Clark wrote an interesting note on Facebook about tipping. I enjoy reading these notes because they focus on scripture-based insights to life situations. And I just thought I'd give my 2 cents about the topic. I agree that as Christians we should be generous [Luke 3] and so, generous tippers. And, I don't belive that we should leave bad tips for bad service. But there is a difference between bad and poor service. Bad service deserves at least a fair tip. Poor service, however- being that the food was bad, the server wasn't smiling or pleasant, he/she didn't refill your drink fast enough, or take your order on time - is still worthy of a generous tip. Not extra generous, like I would for excellent service, but a generous tip from a generous person. I would not like to reward or enable bad behaviors with a generous tip (although some would disagree with even that), but I do not want to be known as an arrogant, non-generous Christian when service isn't perfect.

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