Tuesday, November 18, 2008


at least this blog is good for brain-dumps!

I have only about 5 class days left (including finals) and I have begun to countdown assignments. Most classes I can count the assignments on one hand...as it should be...others are just a little more ridiculous...

Families, Schools, and Communities (a Child Development/Education basic)
-2 or so days more of lecture
-a project as a final exam (yet to be announced)
-2 days of project presentations
-2 full days of interning/observation hours (non-class days) at Olympia Elementary

American Government I (my least threatening class)
-4 days of lecture
-2 quizzes
-1 final: only half comprehensive (really not hard)

Environmental Biology (the most ridiculous college class ever!)
-4 days of lecture
-1 make-up exam
-1 take-home exam
-1 make-up quiz
-1 take-home quiz
-3 other quizzes (possibly take-home, possibly in-class)
-10 page paper about hypothetical oil spill in Corpus Christi
-comprehensive final (covering about 25 chapters!!)
-possibly a 10 article newspaper review project...

Children's Literature (pretty decent, but Writing Intensive :P )
-3 days of class (not actual lecture)
-1 Harry Potter research paper, including summary+evaluation/compare&contrast of 2 articles
-1 essay about a children's chapter book of our choice
-1 assignment, after reading another short story, write a lesson plan to teach lit. and creativity
-final= putting together a portfolio in class of completed assignments! yay!

Math for Teachers I (on-line)
-3 lectures/reading assignments
-3 quizzes
-1 final, partly comprehensive (covers about 4 weeks/sections)
-1 project: read a kid a book about a math concept, do an activity (not to hard, but takes time)

So this is the craziness of my life for the next 4 1/2 weeks! I'm trying to be positive about it and keeping the end in sight, but please pray for my stress levels! I am actually looking forward to next semester; it's the last one before I transfer and will only be 12hrs instead of 15!
Can't wait 'til this semester is over!!!!!!!


Franciscozrodriguez said...

Me Neither!!! Good Luck with all of this, you remind me of why I am so happy to be done with school.

Waitingfaithfully said...

Oh sweetie, that list makes my head spin just reading it! I know that with God's help you will get it all done, and done well! I am so proud of you! Hang in there.