Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today's Free Goodness

Haven't posted on this blog since I discovered, Hip2Save, an awesome Freebie/GreatDeal blog that I check multiple times a day. :) Responsible for saving me lots of $$$! :D Love it!

Here's what I picked up for frees today...

~$18.00 ValueLarge bottle of OlayQuench: Sale $7.99
Small bottle of Olay inShower Lotion: free with purchase of above
Dish Soap: Walgreens Coupon for BOGOF at $1.99ea
+Walgreens Coupon for $3 of a $10 purchase
+Full Rebate by mail for OlayQuench lotion
(follow this link for stinkin free lotion!!)
So actually it was free and I'll bank +$.43 after the rebate comes in. :D

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