Friday, April 30, 2010

Weekend Shopping

Brady was in town this weekend so we hit up some clothing resale stores and made a couple of trips to the mall. It was a lot of fun and I found some great deals!

I got the first shirt at Taxi,Taxi for only $3! It was one of the cheaper priced shirts and the only one that I saw that was actually on sale for 50% off! I'm pretty much in love with it (not because it's Hollister, but because Hollister makes good quality clothes!) and it has my alltime fav number on it (which will also be my age in 7 days!!!). :)

The second shirt I found at Mint, a funky chic clothing store. The price tag originally read $49.99 and their were some on the rack for around $20-30? but this one was in a "Need Some TLC" bin for only $1.95 because of a small tear in the back! I'll take it! ;)

The third shirt is from Aeropostale and was also on the sale rack for $4.50! With a coupon for $10 off a $10 purchase (thanks Hip!) I got it and the $15 cami (on sale at 1/2 price) for a total of $3.52! :D These are my favorite T's and the only cami's I wear!

I also hit up Claire's! :) I love when they have their redline 10 for $10 sales! (All clearance items originally under $10 are $10 for 10!) Granted their prices are high to begin with so you really have to pay attention to the quality of what you're buying...I use the Taylor's Dollar Tree Comparison technique- would I buy this at the Dollar Tree for $1? Works well and I'm pretty pleased with the selection I snatched up!

I'm so excited about the yellow bracelets with my new yellow shirt! The rest of the stuff is for Christmas shoeboxes, gifts, and some goodies for Teddi. :)

Fun, fun!


Waitingfaithfully said...

Love the cuteness! That's MY thrifty, well dressed girl!

I love you Taye~


Taylor and Frankie Rodriguez said...

Thanks Mom!!