Friday, May 14, 2010

Birthday Freebies!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, Nerd's Ropes, H2O $$, and other fun gifts! I had a terrific birthday!

I actually just finished up the last of my bday freebies and I want to share them all with you! Follow the links to sign up for your own birthday free-ness!!! Enjoy! :)

Free cone at Baskin Robbins!
Join the Birthday Club to get your coupon.

Free cone at Marble Slab! He gave me a free add-in, too!
Join Marble Mail to get your coupon.(You also get a free smoothie on your anniversary of joining Marble Mail!)

Free cone at Ben and Jerry's!
Sign up for ChunkMail to get your coupon!

Free Pretzel Bites at Pretzel Time/Pretzelmaker!
Join the fan club to get your coupon.(Plus, get a free pretzel just for signing up!)

Free burger at Red Robin!
(Frankie and I shared ours, and filled up on the delicious endless steak fries!!)
Join the eClub to get your coupon.

Free 1/3 lb burger at Fuddrucker's!
(Frankie had the sliders instead, below.)
Sign up for the Fudds Club for your coupon.

Free Grand Slam at Denny's!
No coupon required! Just go in on your birthday, with ID.

Free waffle at Waffle House!
Sign up to join the Regulars Club for a coupon.

Free dessert at Jack in the Box!
Print this coupon and use it on your birthday!

Free $10 coupon at World Market!
Become a World Market Explorer to get your coupon.

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