Monday, January 30, 2012

Let's Save $ and Make $!

If your New Year's Resolution is to save $$$ then here's a deal for you! And not only will you be saving money now and in the future, you'll be helping me make $$$ too! And it's seriously simple!

Let me introduce to you Groupon and Ebates... Both are super simple ways to save! Groupon offers a huge variety of coupons/vouchers to purchase at major discounted prices. Ebates is simply a tool for saving money for almost anything you buy online just by clicking through their site first.

Ok so, if you already use Groupon...

Then, whenever you purchase a Groupon (or use tons of other online retailers!) you are credited "cash back" to your account which is later mailed to you via check! Easy peasy!Sign up for Ebates using this link!
[I've used it a lot for purchasing textbooks from and for Groupon and have received $20.61 cash back so far!]

If you are new to Groupon...
You are on your way to getting some ultimate deals! And right now you can buy San Antonio's Book of Free for just $24 shipped!!! (And don't forget to sign up for Ebates to get 3% cash back!) The Book of Free has 100 certificates redeemable for awesome freebies!
[We love to use Groupon too for date nights!]

So if you sign up for either you are accomplishing great savings and helping me get a bonus! ;)
Happy savings!!! :D

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Kara said...

i've been a groupon user for awhile, but just signed up for ebates today. i had $10 in groupon bucks so i just got the book of free for $14! sweet...thanks taylor :)