Sunday, May 26, 2013

Day 9,151

I believe in second chances, do-overs, and forgive and forget. We mess up a lot. And we don't really deserve second chances but out of grace we allow them. For others and for ourselves. And that's all dandy but really you can't just push a restart button on life. There's no going back. Each day counts. And when it's done, it's done.
I want to start a new chapter but I can't call it Day 1. Nope. My Day 1 was May 7, 1988. A hot and humid day in Okinawa, Japan. I can't say I'd change much about the early days (eat, poop, sleep was a pretty sweet routine), but since then there's been some mess ups. Some twists and turns. Along with lots of sweet times. Learning experiences. And life changing events.
But each one of those days counted. Each one of those days has shaped who I am. The events, the emotions, the interactions. Declaring a new Day 1 would declare all prior experiences null and void. Not going there. I am thankful for my days. Thankful for the road that God has led me down.
So today is my Day 9,151. I want to keep going but change things up a bit. Take what I've learned and put my best foot forward. So here's to today! Just the next day in my journey, but as important as every other day that was and is to come.

Speaking of the early days...

Yup, those were some good days. :)

"Never start over. Just begin a new chapter. If you keep starting over, you'll never finish your book."
- G-Vern 

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Love this.

And I love you my Birdie girl . . .
for 9,163 days . . .
and they have all mattered.

Mom xo