Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The CandyMan Can

A couple weeks ago at Community Group, we answered the question "What did you used to want to be when you grew up?" This was my answer:
(Not exactly this man though, because he's kinda funny looking.)
But if we really could be anything that we wanted to be - I would be a CandyMan. :)
And I would definitely give poor little Charlie Bucket some candy, too!


racheld said...

Now I remember this!!!! I think you would make a great candy"woman"!!!

TS Harrison said...

This is hilarious.
And I'm glad that you would give Charlie some candy because I've always noticed that this candy man never did. Charlie had to just star from out the window.
Which makes me wonder if this guy wasn't really giving out the candy, but was calculating the total cost of the candy and was going to make the kids split the amount due.

Taylor said...

maybe, or maybe they paid a monthly fee to come to the candy shop. whichever way, my candy would always be free! :D