Friday, June 13, 2008

Disclaimer 6-12-08

I do struggle.
(I just don't always feel comfortable sharing what about with 10 other people.)


Franciscozrodriguez said...

I'm sorry. Did I miss something?

TS Harrison said...


racheld said...

Me too, I think 4 is about my max! It is also, so interesting that you posted this when I was thinking that one week we could spend the night in seperate boy/girl groups (sometimes more openness happens within your own sex) in prayer on thursday. I haven't suggested it before because I don't think it is a good idea if there are new people. Thus making it a bad idea for Thursday because I always want there to be newbies. I know some in our group are fans of awkward even if there are new people - me not so much. I don't know if my comment makes sense, I think I just miss my accountabilty/prayer group. Sorry for the long comment, I think I multiplied the original post by 100 words! :)