Thursday, January 22, 2009

Isaiah 55:8+Romans 8:28

I started this post a couple weeks ago on the Friday before classes started. Being my fifth and final semester, I was posting my class schedule and also the actual title of my Associate's Degree I will have, but when I went to look up the title of my Associate's degree, I realized that the Sign Language class I was signed up for was not in my degree plan and would not satisfy my foreign language credit. If I had not been blogging, I would have totally missed this.

To back up, I was also posting about how awesomely God had worked out my scheduling of classes for this semester. The Thursday before classes started, I received notice that my online Math for Teachers II had been cancelled. Being two days before classes started, there was very little selection for me to rearrange my schedule (which I had organized perfectly months ago!) So, I worked on what seemed to be the next best option, having a difficult time fitting in Spanish (which I was not thrilled about taking) so decided on Sign Language (which is only offered at the SAC campus).

Back to Friday- after much frustration, I had figured out another schedule that would work...until I realized the problem with SNLG. I decided to just go to SAC to see what I could do about this...only to turn up yet another problem! I needed another Kinesiology credit for my Associate's Degree! I would have finished the whole semester thinking that that was it, all the while needing one credit hour of PE! So the counselor signed me up for Jogging (again, all that was left, but what I needed). She also told me that the SNLG issue was minor, but it was out of my hands until Monday (when classes started). I really had to trust God here that it would work itself out, to avoid having to change my entire schedule agian.

So- Monday- back at SAC. SNLG works. I just have to drop and add the same class (different course numbers) to make it a transferrable credit. Sounds easy enough except that the course I needed to add was full. It was literally the same exact class/room/teacher/time-everything, but technically I couldn't do it...but God allowed, and the nice man behind the counter overid the system on my behalf...this nice man then preceded to tell me that I had a balance of $50 that needed to be paid ASAP or they would drop me from all of my classes!!!

Oh snap! This balance showed up somehow, I'm guessing, during the canceling and adding of my Math course. I had checked it on-line, but hadn't seen that I owed anything. So I quickly and thankfully walked down the hall and paid the balance. Whew!

In short:
Math class cancelled=swtich to Sign Language, not Spanish -->
correct Sign Language class full=Kinesiology credit filled, balance paid.

*Through all the frustration, stress, and complaining, God was working things out for the better on my behalf. Romans 8:28
*Looking back, had I been more prayerful and careful about what I was doing, I wouldn't of had to go through all this. Isaiah 55:8

I praise God for working all this out and for knowing what is best. He knew that I would have dreaded Spanish, and I am really enjoying Sign Language. He also knew that more than likely, I would not have found the time for jogging to get into shape before the wedding, and so saved that last appropriate kinesiology credit for just the right time!

I know this post is long and rambly, but it helps me realize, give credit to, and fully appreciate all that God has done through this situation to reveal his power and faithfulness. There were so many more little details that he worked through that I cannot even enumerate-our God is an awesome God!

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Waitingfaithfully said...

Yes He is an AWESOME God . . . and I am praising Him with you for working out all of the glitches, and even for throwing in the surprise jogging class!

I'm proud of you my bird.

Love you!


Four months today, 'til the wedding bells ring! Oh my!