Monday, January 26, 2009

Com'on to the hitchen!

Last week, I sent these mock, but awesome, homemade Texan Wedding invites out to my Michigan relatives. They are convinced that the attire for the wedding will be chaps, boots, and cowboy hats, and that the decor will consist of longhorn skulls, horseshoes, tumbleweed and such. They are hilarious!

These were the RSVPs that I recieved this week:

(from my Grandma Camp, aka "Cranma")
A handwritten poetic verse:
"I'll be there with bells on spurs and chaps to boot.
I'll roll up in my grey hound coach a carryin' all the loot.
My silver spurs and belt buckle will sparkle in the sun.
Bring along your brandin' iron, C'mon lets get 'er done!
You can crepe paper the bunk house, hang a steer skull in the hall,
Be brushin' off your ten gallon hat, I'll be with all y'all.
Your big bad buckaroo Cranma will be with all y'all!
Get cuttin' up the bar-b-que, make sure your knife don't go dull,
And when you're finished doin that, best brush up on your yodel!
Time goes fast and before you know, we'll all come ridin' in,
So glue up the holes in your nylon socks,
And show me your best grin!"

The next day, I recieved this, from my Aunt Amy:
(a "Cow-pie reply")

These folks sure are creative! And even though they are completely insane, I still love 'em, and can't wait 'til they are all here in May to celebrate with me!


Kara said...

haha!!! that is great taylor! i love it, so creative :)

Waitingfaithfully said...

Yes-sir-reeee, that's our crazy family!

Love you,


Franciscozrodriguez said...

Oh Wow! Between this and you actually wanting to put boots on the table as centerpieces I am a little scard...

Taylor said...

seriously, i wasn't being serious about the boots on the tables!!!

amy said...

I ordered a new cowboy hat today with an LED blinking tiara on the front of it. Hope it matches my dress, its hot pink!
countin' the days my precious girl!
auntie ame