Friday, April 9, 2010

Target Giftcard Freebies

A couple of weeks ago, my totally rad Mom sent me a couple of these...

She sent me two, worth $5 each and a note:
"Taye- These were my "free" GiftCards from last trip to Target. Sending them to you 'cause I love to see how far you can make $5 go...and go...and go at Target!"
So I've been shoppin it up at Target!! And I did make that $$ go and go and go!! I've really outdone myself this time!! Little did Target know that when they gave my mom those two little freebie giftcards, they were actually giving me all this...

Isn't that incredible?! The total value is around $105!! Thanks to sales, deals, clearance, and coupons [and those 2 free $5 giftcards] I didn't pay a dime!! Well, actually, they paid me!! Yes, on two separate purchases where I was using coupons to get free stuff, Target paid me $.39 and $.25!! Don't know how it happened, or why it was different each time for the same stuff, but I received money for purchasing games! LOL!
The biggest deal here obviously were the Pictureka Penguin games. I love this game! We have actually owned one since Black Friday ;) and it is so fun! For awhile now though, they have been on clearance at Target for $4.77...super cheap to begin with! Then there was a deal where if you bought a select Hasbro game (including my penguin friend) then you got a Monopoly or Scrabble card game free! Notice the card games pictured above and how they have a $5 off select Hasbro game coupon inside (again, including my penguin friend here) you see where I'm going with this yet? Using an internet coupon, I bought a Monopoly card game for a total of $.24 to start my deal. Then I used the coupon inside to get a free Pictureka Penguin game and with it a free card game (that has a coupon inside). I used that coupon to buy another Pictureka Penguin game and to get another card game see it now?! It was brilliant! The best loop hole ever! :D The games were free and free and free!
Thanks, Mom for all the fun! These games will be great additions to the ALS silent auction and the other little goodies will complement some Christmas shoeboxes nicely! :D

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