Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pretty proud of myself.

Frankie and I bought this DVD two weeks ago at Target. It took me a day or two to work up the nerve to start it, but I haven't stopped! I did it for three days in a row, took the weekend off, Monday-Friday last week, and yesterday and today! I'm pretty impressed with myself. (It actually only suggest that you work out 5 days a week.)

I'm also pretty impressed with the workout! I figured if I was actually gonna get into a workout DVD that my best bet would be Jillian, since she's "The Healthiest Woman in America!". It's pretty tough, but she suggests lots of moderations to each exercise, which I definitely take advantage of! And I am already noticing results! [Not much, but hey, noticeable results after 1 week? I'll take it!]

So if you're looking to get healthy I totally recommend this! She has a couple of other ones for different purposes and they only cost just over $9 at Target (without a coupon! lol!)

So here's to my continued healthifying and dropping a few pounds! :) Now if only I could get enough fruits and vegetables!!!

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Franciscozrodriguez said...

Good Job Love! Keep it up, you are inspiring!