Monday, June 28, 2010

Couponing 101

This isn't official or anything, but a friend asked for my advice so here it is. I want you all to have the best tips ;) but I'll try to keep 'em simple! If you're new to couponing or just curious of my techniques read on and good luck!

$ My first recommendation is This is the main website I use to find out about free stuff, coupons, deals, and other miscellaneous goodies. It may be a bit overwhelming at first because of the variety and quantity of posts (on my good days I check it 2-3x/day) so take advantage of the tabs at the top to help narrow your reading.

$ I also use a couple of other websites: and The first is a wonderful and organized supply of free printable coupons that Hip often links to. The second is updated daily with new freebies each day! My tip here is to request all kinds of freebies that you can get your hands on! Not only do you get useful stuff (travel size toothpaste, shampoos, conditioner, etc, socks, snacks, makeup, and much more!) but usually these free samples come with coupons! Good coupons! So take advantage of freebies!

$ A good couponer always knows coupon policies. Usually store websites have their coupon policies available online (here's Target's). Knowing your store's coupon policies (as well as the conditions of the coupon as stated in the fine print) makes your couping experience much more worthwhile!

$ My favorite stores to use coupons at are Kroger and Target. You gotta find the quirks of couponing at your favorite places! Kroger doubles and triples all coupons (up to $.50 and $.39) and Target allows stacking coupons! This means that you can use a Target coupon and a manufacture's coupon for the same item! Genius! Target always has new coupons on their site, free for the printing! (Actually some Target Gift Registry kiosks will allow you to access their site and print coupons in store!) I find a lot of great deals this way, especially when combined further with sales and clearance items!

$ Signing up for E-mail clubs/newsletters/etc. is another great way to get free stuff as well as great coupons! Some of my favorites I listed here in my Birthday Freebie post!

$ My favorite part of couponing is sharing! When I shop, I take all my coupons with me and leave behind the ones that I'm not using. I love setting them right by their advertised product for the next person that just happens to be shopping for that particular item! How fun!


Jessica Kok said...

Way to pay it forward Taylor! My new favorite ...

Franciscozrodriguez said...

Good Job Love! Don't forget about store membership cards! You can always save money like that!

(You should put together a coupon beginners kit and do a give away!!!)


Waitingfaithfully said...

Great stuff Taye! Thanks for sharing.

Love you,