Friday, September 1, 2017


I write so many posts in my head, often in the car on my way to work after getting the boys up and around, or in bed at the end of the day. Posts with updates about our adoption journey. Posts reflecting on parenting gone awry that God uses to teach me more about Him. Posts about the way God is moving in our family. But so often I neglect sharing our story and allowing God the glory through blogging sheerly for lack of time. But I think it's important. So as I watch Secret Life of Pets with my family, I share this update... :)

The Secret Life of Pets is actually what stirred my heart. (And let's be honest, one can do many a multi-task while watching a kids movie!) Once you enter the world of foster/adopt, in any capacity, your heart breaks at every nod to what these kids have been through. Have you seen this movie? Short synopsis: happy pup, happy owner, owner brings home new dog from the pound and original pup is not happy. He wants him gone. They fight to get rid of each other. In the end, it all works out. But at every word uttered that points to the pains of adoption, my eyes well up, and my heart falls to pieces as I look at my two boys in front of me. The dogs illustrate both sides of the pain. I think it will make for some good talking points in the days to come.

But this post is about the new pup. :) Also in the movie, there's this little fluffy white bunny, who's been loved and lost (abandoned by a magician), who's leading a group of human-hating, "anti-pet life" animals who have given up hope, live life full of rage, and avenge humans every chance they get. Do you see the parallels?
But watch what happens when love is reintroduced... [clip]
Loved again.
And then remembering what love is all about.

But this fighting has been the hardest part. I scream in my heart "Let me love you, child!" "Trust me!" "This is good!" And oh the pain when he can't see that. Oh the journey that we have been on to restore this trust that comes from a loving family so that he can relax in the love of this family.

This boy who I speak of reads me a devotional as I finish typing. This is the end of it:

"We are built for love and joy- not for sin and tears.
The Bible says only God understands the human heart and how it works best - after all, he made it.
And the one who made your heart can also mend it."

Precious child. Loving Father.

And I hear the Spirit, burning within me through the heartache, "Let me love you, child!" "Trust me!" "Let me lead and guide you as you parent my precious children."

Thank you God for speaking to me and reminding me that it is You who heal the broken-hearted. Help me to trust in your perfect love.

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